Wednesday, April 17

The Earth and All Its Wonders

The earth is the Lord’s and all that is in it, the world, and those who live in it.
Ps. 24:1

Ultimately, to be a person of faith is to live in the knowledge that the ground I tread, the water I drink, and the air I breathe are gifts given by the grace of God. Resources that make life easier (or even possible) are not mine for the taking, but belong to the One who created the universe. To use them selfishly or thoughtlessly is the very antithesis of the faith I claim.

And just as the earth and all its wonders and resources are God's, so are the human beings who inhabit it. To acknowledge that I belong to God is to realize that all other people do as well. How can I make an enemy of another, if that other is God's own?

The simple proclamation of Psalm 24:1 is, more than anything, a call to respect the earth and a reminder that there is no life that is not claimed by God.

Thank you for the earth, Lord—its beauty and its resources. Forgive my misuse and thoughtless consumption of what you have created. And thank you for my neighbors both near and far. Help me to give as much thought to their well-being as I give to my own, for so you have instructed me through the life and teachings of the One who taught me to pray: Our Father...

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